Elevate Your Practice & Wellness with Lyn Moes at Buderim Yoga

An Inclusive Environment for All Experience Levels

Lyn emphasizes total body wellness, correct alignment, and individual progress. Her teaching style fosters a welcoming environment for students of all ages and abilities.

Yoga & Meditation Classes 2024

Join us at one of our classes below and discover the benefits of yoga and meditation.

Yoga Class

Monday 6pm to 7.30pm

Meet Lyn

Buderim Yoga is run by Lyn Moes. She has studied with teachers around the world since 1975.

After studying with the International Yoga Teachers’ Association (I.Y.T.A.) Lyn received her Diploma in 1982. She has been devotedly teaching Hatha Yoga since that time (before Yoga was popular)!

The classes at Buderim Yoga are centred on total body wellness.

The emphasis in class goes on correct alignment in postures, understanding balance, individual happiness and health. Lyn encourages students to progress at their own pace according to their level of wellness. Classes are suitable for males and females of all ages and physical abilities.

Where it started

Lyn has been a bodyworker and natural therapist commencing Buderim Mountain Natural Therapy Clinic in 1979 working there until selling in 1989.

This Natural Therapy clinic was where Lyn discovered the health needs of the community, understanding that Yoga is a way for the individual to take responsibility for their own health and happiness.

Yoga is her passion; she dedicates her life to it full-time.

Lyn is best known for her unique ability to help students embody a complete yoga practice with special emphasis on their spiritual growth.

Everyone is welcome to join our yoga classes.


Lyn’s yoga classes have been a transformative experience for me. Her nurturing approach and attention to alignment have deepened my practice and enhanced my overall well-being. Buderim Yoga truly feels like a welcoming community where everyone is encouraged to grow at their own pace. I’m grateful to be part of this wonderful yoga family!
Buderim Yoga Student